ANC7D01 Candidate - Lisa White

Hello! I am Lisa White; Candidate for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Single Member District 7D01, which is located in the Kingman Park Neighborhood. I am a native Washingtonian (4th Generation). I have been living in the Kingman Park Neighborhood for 8 years. I participate in the Kingman Park Civic Association, Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden and PSA 103. If I am elected ANC, I will do all I can for the betterment of Kingman Park! Thank you for your support!

Working together to make a “GOOD” neighborhood “GREAT”!

1. I LIVE HERE: I pledge to improve Kingman Park because this is my home.

2. I REPRESENT YOU: I am your voice, I value your opinion and I will listen.

3. I AM FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: I pledge to ensure your tax dollars fund projects that bring our community tangible benefits.

4. I STAND BY LOCAL BUSINESSES: I know harmony between our small-businesses and residents makes a great neighborhood.

5. I KNOW THE ISSUES: I will inform the neighborhood about issues that matters most.

6. I SUPPORT LOCAL SCHOOLS: I am committed to helping our schools reach and maintain educational excellence.

7. I KNOW WHAT IS AT STAKE: I know decisions affect your homes, your streets and your quality of life.

For more information call (202) 706-4713 or e-mail dc500blkof25th@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

I will vote for Lisa White because she will not turn her back on the Kingman Park/Rosedale community.

Anonymous said...

Anybody has to better than the current ANC-Veronica Raglin.
Lisa White has my vote!