Rosedale & Kingman Park ANC Candidates

RCA has extended an invitation to all ANC candidates running for a Single Member District (SMD) within the Rosedale and Kingman Park neighborhoods - between 15th St and Oklahoma Ave/21st Street and C Street and H Street/Benning Rd - to submit a candidate profile, schedule of meetings/events where they will be available to talk to residents, etc. The information will be posts as they are submitted and then all profiles submitted will be posted the day before the November 2 general election.

RCA has asked candidates to refrain from personal attacks about other candidates and to keep it positive and informative.

RCA is not a political entity and does not and will not participate in any campaign activity for or against any political candidate/group. This is only to provide an opportunity for residents to learn about candidates running to represent them.

Rosedale & Kingman Park Neighborhoods Outlined in Red (excerpted from DCBOEE website)

Below is the final ANC candidate list with a SMD which includes portions of Rosedale and Kingman Park neighborhoods.

• Nick Alberti - 1330 N. Carolina Ave NE, 329.1193, alberti6a04@yahoo.com

• Sharee Lawler - 1240 C St NE, 714.8422, sharee.lawler@gmail.com
• William R. Mohring - 415 11th St NE, 773.915.3356, william.mohring@gmail.com

• Andrew J. Hysell - 1364 Emerald St NE, 357.7560

• Necothia “Nikki” Bowens - 1770 E St NE, 486.4296, goldndb@hotmail.com
• Gladys Ann Mack - 703 18th St NE, 240.432.3494, gmack01@juno.com

• Erica Anderson - 423 18th St NE #10, 422.6645, geraldinemt2@gmail.com
• Lia Veenendaal-Selck - 222 17th Pl NE, 917.859.7969, lia.veenendaal@gmail.com

• Veronica E. Raglin - 408 21st St NE, 396.7653, veronica.raglin@mris.com
• Lisa White - 554 25th Pl NE, 706.4713, dc500blkof25th@yahoo.com

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