ANC6A05 Candidate - Sharee Lawler

I'm Sharee Lawler, a candidate for ANC 6A05. Since I moved to this neighborhood nine years ago, I've become a strongly rooted member of the community. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering as a citizen member of ANC 6A's Economic Development & Zoning Committee, which I got involved with when I became interested in streetcars and started attending their meetings.

As a writer and editor for The Hill is Home since it began almost a year and a half ago, I keep my eyes and ears open to hot topics in our local area. I care that many people are able to have their points of view heard and that readers of the blog have a daily resource for news and information about our community.

My company, Black Lab Advisory, a marketing and strategy consultancy for small businesses, keeps me well connected with other Capitol Hill businesses. I serve on the board of CHAMPS, Capitol Hill's Chamber of Commerce and started their Business Development Forum which I lead each month.

Meet Me
I'm eager to hear from my neighbors in the SMD. Please stop by one or both of these events to say hello and tell me about your ideas for our neighborhood:

- Coffee with the candidate: Saturday, October 2nd, 3-5PM at SOVA (1359 H St, NE) organized by Lawler for ANC6A05

- Meet the 6A candidates: Tuesday, October 5th, 7:30PM at Lane Memorial CME (14th & C, NE) organized by the North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association

Moving to Capitol Hill nearly a decade ago has had a profound impact on my pathway in life. It has influenced my thinking about the importance of community involvement and inspired me to run for ANC. Community involvement has become such a passion that it even inspired me to become an entrepreneur so I could be more active in my neighborhood.

As commissioner, my priorities would be:

- Commuter traffic: The volume of traffic streaming through our neighborhood makes this a significant day-to-day concern. For the last year I've been writing about the C Street, NE Project for The Hill is Home, and staying abreast of resident-led traffic calming initiatives. I'll be a strong advocate for measures recognizing the residential nature of our streets. Safe passage for pedestrians should take precedence over quick communing routes for Marylanders.

- Public safety: From acute incidents, like carjackings, to consistent problems, such as upticks in crime each summer, our neighborhood faces some complex safety issues. While I agree with those who say that incidences of crime are dramatically lower compared to a decade ago, my view is that we must continue to focus on what we want our neighborhood to be, rather than just being glad its better than it was. The safety and security of you, your family, your home and your belongings are of the highest importance to me.

- Economic development: Though SMD 05 is primarily residential, the commissioners of 6A are called upon to make decisions that impact the evolution of the H Street Corridor. It is my view that well-considered economic development policy takes into consideration the needs and desires of the residential community it serves while encouraging businesses to have the freedom to invest and grow.

- Historic preservation: One of the features that makes our community unique and desirable is its historic nature. I believe that promoting the preservation of our historic architecture is beneficial to the quality of life in our neighborhood.

As a resident for almost a decade and a local business owner, I bring experience and local knowledge that will be valuable as a commissioner. I'm also considered a strategic thinker and consensus-builder, two skills I think are important in governing.

I'm pleased and excited that my candidacy has been endorsed by these other respected and seasoned community leaders:

Mary Beatty, current 6A05 commissioner
Drew Ronneberg, 6A02 commissioner
Joe Fengler, former 6A02 commissioner
Cody Rice, former 6A03 commissioner

For more information, please come to my coffee meet & greet on October 2nd, the NLPNA meeting on October 5th, or email me with your ideas and suggestions at sharee.lawler@gmail.com.

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Wishing you the best as you run for ANC 6A05! Good Luck!