RCA & RYI Friends of Rosedale Update - Volunteers Needed!

Hello Rosedale Community Neighbors & Friends,

The Rosedale Community is extremely excited and happy to share great news about the recent changes at the Rosedale Recreation Center (RRC). As most of you know, the RRC is temporarily housed at the shuttered Gibbs Elementary School on 19th & E Streets NE while the new community center is being built on the existing site.

Over the past year, the RRC site management, staff and volunteers have made due with the limited available space for programming. The community and program volunteers realized more space was necessary for the various offered recreational programs to be successful.

So, RCA members and community friends set forth to provide the community with additional RRC space. RCA -Vice President Hannah Lewis, RCA-Community Outreach Co-Chair, Brit Wyckoff and former neighbor and community friend Carlos Braxton met with District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) officials on June 10th to make such a request. In a matter of days the response to the request was approved. DCPS and Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) team members came together to clean Gibbs ES Multi-Purpose for the use of the Rosedale community.

Now that DCPS & DPR have provided the additional space, there is “room” for potential additional programming - that means additional volunteers are needed.

If you are interested starting or assisting in RRC recreational programming, here are the necessary steps:

1. Contact RRC Site Manger, Mr. Brian Williams, 202-213-5649 or Brian.Williams@dc.gov, to discuss the type of community programming you would like to offer or assist.

2. Go online to apply to become a DPR Volunteers in Action

3. You then wait for approval from Site Manager & a DPR Volunteer Coordinator and then you can start your program and become part of one of America's great legacies – Volunteerism!

Rosedale & community friends take pride in the positive changes being made to enhance the community’s rich history and heritage and we look forward to continue in citywide efforts in making DC a Livable, Walkable, Bikable City.

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