Rosedale Recreation Center -- Details on Timeline & New Construction

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Rosedale Recreation Center -- Details on Timeline & New Construction
Written by Charles Allen
Monday, 28 June 2010

One of Councilmember Tommy Wells’ first priorities when elected to Council was the renovation and reconstruction of the Rosedale Recreation Center. As any neighbor will tell you, while the programs and athletics at Rosedale were second to none, the building and grounds were in bad shape and in desperate need for improvement. Working with a great team of community leaders, Tommy got the city moving on the project that had been left out for too long.

The first order of business was getting funding secured for the project. Tommy had planning money placed into the DC budget the next fiscal year, and working with the strong support from the community, helped continue making the case and ensuring the capital dollars needed for the project survived every budget vote and remained intact. When the community asked for a library to be added to the project, he again went back to the budget and had more funds included. To help keep the pressure up and make the center a priority, Tommy hosted his annual Ward 6 Family Day at Rosedale Recreation Center – bringing other Councilmembers and residents from across Ward 6 to the fields and facility. Ultimately, the Council passed a budget of roughly $16 million for a complete overhaul of the center to better meet the communities’ needs.

So what will the new Rosedale Community Center include? Here’s a snapshot:

- approximately 26,000 square foot recreation center
- attached 4,000 square foot library facility with separate entrance but shared access to recreation center
- field renovation and replacement with artificial turf, striped to support football programs and other sports
- new outdoor field and facility lighting
- rebuild and replace swimming pool
- rebuild and update playing courts (basketball, tennis, etc.)
- new gymnasium with bleachers
- exercise & weight room
- activity rooms, including teen, senior, computer, and craft specific rooms; as well as multipurpose rooms with community meeting spaces
- daycare with kitchenette
- restrooms and locker rooms
- administrative offices
- LEED Silver certification for environmental and energy saving construction
After many twists and turns, the contract has now been approved and neighbors will start seeing action around the center this week.

Below, you’ll find a detailed summary of the project. But first, we have a schedule and rough timeline for the project:

Immediate schedule:

Week of June 28, 2010- Construction team finishes contract negotiation and systems set-up.
- Trailers will be installed on-site with temporary electric service.

Week of July 5, 2010- Construction perimeter will be established.
- Erosion and sediment control measures implemented.
- Demolition of the existing recreation center will commence mid-week.

Additional general timeline:

Summer 2010- Demolition of existing recreation center building
- Layout utilities & building

Fall 2010
- Install bio-retention & storm drains
- Install utilities & sewer
- Install parking sub-base
- Install building footings
- Pour slab-on-grade
- Concrete masonry work

Winter 2010/11- Install roof
- Complete framing interior of structure
- Install windows

Spring/Summer 2011
- Complete millwork
- Install lockers & equipment
- Final completion of building & exterior details

Project Description

The Rosedale Recreation Center is located at 1701 Gales Street NE, Washington DC, 20002. The Project will include demolition of the existing recreation center and construction of a new recreation center of approximately 26,000 SF. The geotechnical analysis has determined that, due to the existing natural soil composition, the foundations will need to be built on new, compacted fill material. Therefore, the foundations of the proposed building can be supported on approved engineered fill placed over firm natural soils or firm natural soils can be designed for an allowable bearing pressure of 3,000 psf. The floor supported slab shall be designed as a slab on grade. The Project will obtain LEED Silver certification.

In addition to construction of the new recreation center, the Project includes the construction of a 4,000 square foot community library on the Project site. Community involvement sought the addition of a new library to the recreation facility, which has been incorporated into the site and includes a separate entrance but shared access with the recreation facility. The Project also includes the replacement of the existing grass field with an artificial surface that will be striped for several sports. Lighting for the field as well as pedestrian access from the recreation center to the field will also be required. Additionally, the Project will include replacement of an existing pool. The aluminum pool will be removed with a new "zero-entry" pool constructed in the same footprint. The pool equipment will be reused to the extent possible. The project will also include reconfiguration of existing playing courts that will allow the incorporation of a point of ingress/egress with some site parking.

The new Rosedale Recreation Center will include a health and fitness oriented recreation building for the community with the major programmatic elements of the Project to include: gymnasium with bleachers; exercise/weight room; activity rooms; teen room; Senior/Multipurpose room; computer room; craft/multi-purpose room; meeting spaces; daycare with kitchenette; administration offices; kitchen; restrooms; locker rooms for the existing outdoor pool and associated support spaces as well as construction of a 4,000 square foot community library on the Project site.

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