ANC 6A Meeting on 17th & 19th Sts Two-way Conversion on 04.26.10

There will be a "Special" ANC6A Transportation & Public Space Committee meeting to discuss DDOT's proposed conversion* of 17th & 19th Streets** back to two-way traffic.

* DDOT's conversion proposal is based from the 2005 Capitol Hill Transportation Study recommendations, read all about it HERE.

** Proposed Conversion - 17th St, from Benning Rd NE to Potomac Ave SE and 19th St, from C St NE to Potomac Ave SE

HERE and HERE are recent RCA posts on the proposed conversion.

When: April 26, 2010 at 7:00 pm
Where: Miner Elementary School (601 15th Street NE)

Meeting Agenda

I. Call meeting to order
II. Introductions
III. Consideration of Additional Community Comment and Information Provided
by DDOT Regarding the Capitol Hill Transportation Study (CHTS)
A. CHTS Proposal to Convert 17th Street NE and 19th Street NE from One-Way to Two-Way Traffic
IV. Consideration of Any Additional Committee Action Regarding this Matter
V. Adjourn meeting

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