SMD6A07 Letter Concerning the Proposed 19th & 17th Street Two-way Conversion

Below is a letter from SMD6A07 Commissioner Gladys Mack to DDOT Director Gabe Klein concerning DDOT's long standing proposal to convert 17th Street NE/SE, from Benning Rd to Potomac Ave and 19th Street NE/SE, from C Street to Potomac Ave, back to two-way traffic patterns.

Please note: In the coming months, DDOT is scheduled to begin the two-way conversion design phase and has stated that the community will participate and have input throughout the design process, so if you're interested, stay tuned!


Department of Transportation
2000 14th Street NW, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20009

April 4, 2010

Dear Mr. Gabe Klein

As ANC Commissioner for 6A-07 I represent the Single Member District which includes the Rosedale Community in Northeast Washington , Recently we were informed of a District Department of Transportation (DDOT) proposal to convert both 17th and 19th Streets, NE into two-way traffic. The Rosedale community is adamantly opposed to this proposal and has a number of concerns.

According to the study conducted by Mr. Delfs, Branch Manager, Transportation System Planning, the introduction of the two-way pattern would increase traffic over 100% in both North and South bound directions during peak hours I believe you can understand how unsettling this is to my constituents. If implemented, this proposal would drastically change the way we live, work, play, and worship in Rosedale and its surrounding communities. Since our community would be so greatly impacted, we are perplexed and concerned that:

1) We were not included in the planning process; and

2) A community impact assessment has not been done

Additionally, since this proposal is based on the (Capitol Hill Transportation Study of 2006) it does not take into consideration current and future development along the H Street Corridor, Benning Road , the Eleventh Street Bridge and the future Rosedale Community Center .

Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, a community activist organized a public meeting on March 16th in Rosedale last month and invited Mr. Delfs to address our concerns. However, the information that Mr. Delfs provided was not helpful in allaying our concerns. His responses tended towards evasive and condescending to the more than 70 community members in attendant.

Therefore, on behalf of my District, I am requesting a (Traffic Study/Supplemental Impact Assessment)Be conducted to address the community numerous concerns and that any plans to modify traffic flow in my District be immediately halted to permit our community needs to be assessed and addressed. Ideally, the new transportation plan would allow for full participation and consideration of all stakeholders, including community members.

I hope that the citizens I represent will be given the opportunity to be heard and our concerns addressed. I would like to invite you to attend a community meeting at Pilgrim AME Church , on Aril 29th at 6:30PM. I would appreciate a response to acknowledge if you are able to meet with community. I Can also be reached on (240) 432-3494 (cell). The Rosedale Community looks forward to meeting with You.


Gladys A. Mack/ANC Commissioner 6A07

Cc: Adrian Fenty, Mayor
Tommy Well, Councilmember (Ward 6)
Karina Ricks, Project Planer DDOT
Jim Graham, Councilmember (Ward 1)


Jenny said...

I find Ms. Mack's letter really concerning. My six-year-old and I would like to be able to bike to his school in the morning, but the traffic on 17th is so dangerous we have had to find an alternate route. I fully support the two-way conversion, and I know that others in my neighborhood do, too. Ms. Mack's letter stating that the "Rosedale community is adamantly opposed to this proposal" does not at all represent my concerns.

Not to be a rabble rouser, but isn't it an election year?

- jenny
17th Place and C NE

EDWARD said...

Hi Jenny,

I support Ms Macks Letter and the concerns it addressed. Please understand that there are nurmerous options available in addition to the two way conversion that was presented to our community without our input,or consideration. These additional options which you may not be aware of, could make your commute with your child even more safer.
We too in the Rosedale Community want to have the same options you were given on the C Street Project.

Let's try being more considreate and neighborly to one another. I'm sure you can appreciate that if you had no say you too would be very disappointed. We all want the best not only for your child,but for the entirer community.

Yes! This is an election year,and Ms mack is greatly appreciated and supported by her community.

Very Concerned tax payer and Resident