Kingsman Field Dog Park Wins DPR Approval!

The Kingsman Dog Park application has been approved by DPW! Kingsman Park is located between 13th & 14th Streets and D & E Streets, NE.

A portion of the asphalt area behind the Options Charter School and adjacent to the existing basketball court will be dedicated to the dog-park

Director Clark Ray informed the Steering Committee, by letter, that the application submitted by Hillhounds has been accepted. The Steering Committee will be working with DPR during the planning process to move Kingsman from idea to reality as quickly as possible.

Hillhounds would like to thank all those who signed the petition. Stay-tuned, Hillhounds will soon have an operational website at www.hillhounds.com where you can stay informed on the dog park development, offer support, and learn about local dog owner events.

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