Anacostia River Trail

The Anacostia River Trail neighborhood entrance @ C Street & Oklahoma Ave, NE (21st Street) has been unfinished for over a year. The rest of the phased trail construction from Benning Road to Barney Circle is complete, including a 10ft-12ft wide paved trail, stripping, architectural lamps (lighting) and extensive landscaping.

Incomplete C Street & Oklahoma Ave Trail entrance (looking east)

Incomplete C Street & Oklahoma Ave Trail entrance (looking south)

Allen Miller, DDOT's Anacostia River Trail Project Manager, said the entrance has been delayed due to soil contamination on a southern portion of the trail, beyond Barney Circle. Since this phase of trail construction included the area of contamination, the entrance and trail under the East Capitol bridge has been pending incomplete. Allen also stated an approximate 14ft long trail bridge will have to be constructed underneath the East Capitol bridge to keep the path above the river’s tidal surge.

Incomplete Trail where bridge will be constructed under East Capitol Street bridge (looking south)

Allen said both the trail bridge and trail entrance should be completed by the end of October 2008, which will finalize this phase of the trail’s construction.

Unfortunately, Allen noted no trail signage will be erected until all the phased trail construction is complete. We are hoping at least a sign at the neighborhood trial entrance will be erected to inform neighbors the trail does exist and is open for use.

More information about the Anacostia River Trail can be found here. Or, you can contact Allen Miller at allen.miller@dc.gov.

(disclosure: the above information is from a telephone discussion with DDOT’s Allen Miller on August 29, 2008)

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