CM Tommy Wells Champions Mass Transit!

During yesterday's hearing on the parking tax loophole, Ward 6 CM Tommy Wells had following statement for numerous industry-group representatives, including: hotels, universities, hospitals, building owners, Pepco, nursing homes and Covenant House.

"You have to challenge yourselves," Wells said. "Are you hanging on to the last vestiges of a car-based economy?" He pointed out the excess capacity on the east side of Metro (like the Orange and Blue Lines east of Capitol Hill), the "steady stream of cars" driving through neighborhoods, and even held up his copy of Donald Shoup's The High Cost of Free Parking.

We'll assume CM Wells was referring to neighborhood streets, such as C Street, NE which currently carries 30,000+ daily west-bound commuter and commercial vehicles either heading for downtown destinations or cutting through Ward 6 to connect between I-295 and I-395.

Thank you CM Wells for your continued commitment and vision for Ward 6 as a "livable, walkable community".

Disclosure: excerpts were taken from Greater Greater Washington website. To read the full post, click here.

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