DPR Accepting Public Comment on a Dog Park at Kingsman Field

A group of neighbors on Capitol Hill have been trying to get a legal dog park established at Kingsman Field (13th and D NE) for several years. The group, Hill Hounds, submitted a formal application to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation a month ago and DPR acknowledged the application and opened it for public comments. Public comments carry very heavy weight in their decision-making process. The public comments are tallied separately from the petition signatures and supporting letters, so even if you'd already signed or written DPR, please take a moment to email as well.

The public comment period ends this Monday, 6/30. Submitting a comment is quick and easy:

* Email DPR.dogparks@dc.gov
* Include your name, full street address, and phone number (to prove you’re a local resident—your comment won’t be accepted if you don’t include this info)
* Tell them you support a dog park at Kingsman Field.
* Every member of your household over the age of 18 can submit their own individual comment (the more the better).
* Deadline: COB Monday, 6/30

Include a sentence or two about why you support the dog park. If you don’t have a dog, specify that and that you still support a dog park on the Field.

Hill Hounds hopes this will be a tangible first step to a complete refurbishment of the space, adding a community garden, resurfacing the basketball court, repairing the fences and removing graffiti, planting new trees, resodding the field—making it a real community showplace we can all enjoy whether we have dogs or not. The proposed dog park would be located between the current basketball court and the rear of the church at 14th and Tennessee—not touching the current athletic fields used by Sports on the Hill and taking no space from children’s soccer fields. Right now it’s just unused asphalt where litter collects.

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