RCA Garden in Washington Post

Morning Everyone,

Just want to let you know, the Washington Post has a great article
today about RCA's community garden, Kingman Park / Rosedale Community
Garden. The article starts on the front page (below the fold) of the
Home section and moves onto page H-6. Here is a link:

Plots are available this year, let me know if you are interested.



Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

Tom Aloisi said...

Howdy, is there a RCA listserv? I would have loved to have helped with the garden cleanup, but only heard about it after the fact.


Tom Aloisi

Rick said...

Hi Tom, there is a listserv for RCA members. For more information about RCA in general, see our website: www.rosedaledc.org. Although the listserv is only open to RCA members, joining is very easy.

Tom Aloisi said...

OK, I'll try to get myself to the March meeting- and I'll bring my friends who bought last year at 19th and D.