Fenty Returns to Rosedale

(From Maureen Benitz, RCA Member)

-- November 21, 2007: We did the same route as we did 2 weeks ago - 17th and Kramer to the alley between Kramer and Rosedale, across Kramer and through the alley between Kramer and Gales, over to 17th and then on Gales from 17th to 15th. We turned south on 15th, towards Miner, cut through the alley next to Miner, across 16th and through the alley between Rosedale and F. We came out on 17th and headed north and concluded at 17th and Kramer. There was a very large presence from the Mayor's office, as well as the various agencies (including DCRA, DDOT, DPW, DOES - not an inclusive list).As we walked the route, the different agencies pointed out the progress that had been made (rat abatement beginning, fines issued for work/construction, etc). New problems were noted as well, most about rat holes and construction.This was more of a follow up tour, just to see the progress that had been made. There is no date set for the next walk through, but the Mayor promised to come back in the spring to follow up again.

-- I spoke with Simone Green, who works for Mayor Fenty, about some of these issues. The problem the Mayor's office is having is that they do these walk throughs (this is the 4th in our area) and they do the clean ups, etc and then within hours/days the trash is back. Its frustrating for them, and for us, and Simone was asking if we had any ideas to help with this issue. I said I'd throw it out to the group for discussion. My understanding is that it is a problem with both the litter (kids/candy) and the dumping (contractors). I suggested if DPW (or another agency) had a program geared at kids, like a school assembly, that they should get into Miner, Elliot, etc and teach the kids that littering is not ok. She also said that if we knew the "candy ladies" in the neighborhood, that DCRA can come in and shut them down. I know there is one on Rosedale (maybe 1600 or 1602) but she needs the exact address. If there are other ideas, lets discuss them.Perhaps we should see if Simone or Hiram can come to the next RCA meeting, and sort of give us another update on what has been going on after these walk throughs?

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