Fenty Leads Inspection of Rosedale

(From Maureen Benitz, RCA member)

--- Wednesday, November 7: We started around 2:45 from 17th and Kramer. There were probably about 50 people - far more DC employees that citizens. Included were the Mayor, several of his staff, and representatives of several departments - DPW, DDOT, MPD, DCRA, etc. We walked through the alley between Rosedale and Kramer, heading from 17th to 16th. We cut through the vacant lot(s) at the corner of 16th and Kramer and then went through the alley between Kramer and Gales heading 16th to 17th. We then walked on Gales to 15th St, turned south on 15 and walked through Miner Elementary School (parking lot). We then went through the alley between Rosedale and F. We finished by exiting on 17th and walking back to Kramer. Took about 35-40 mins.

--- Basic /common problems:

  • lots that aren't secure (either due to construction or vacant)
  • trash (LOTS)
  • tree/stumps that need to be removed
  • abandoned cars
  • no work permits for construction
  • illegal construction
  • vacant lots with trash/debris/cars
--- We basically found issues and Fenty would get the appropriate person to take notes, photos, etc. My guess is that there were about 50-75 issues - some smaller (ie, trash in cans and put out too soon for Thurs pick up) and some are much larger. Photos and notes were taken of all issues and he promised to come back in 2 weeks to follow up. We will meet at 2:30 on Weds 11/21 (yes, Weds before Thanksgiving) for a progress report. I have no idea how quickly these changes can take place, but he seemed confident that some of this can be done ASAP.
--- Interestingly, at least 3 teenagers along the way came up to him and were calling out to him. There happened to be a rep from DC Employment there and he got those teenagers in touch with that person. He definitely was able to handle the calls and yelling from the people in their houses very well. I am sure that Simone Green from the Mayor's office will be sending out an email, but this was my informal recap of the walk through.

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kayebps said...

When and where will Fenty be meeting this Wednesday (November 21)?

Thank you.