Zombie Housing Development Supposedly Coming to Life

Okay, maybe "zombie" isn't the best term but a deep-in-hibernation housing development project is supposedly moving forward. This same lot was mentioned on the RCA blog in 2007.

It will be interesting to see the plans and see how all these townhouse homes will fit on that parcel with access only on 17th St. Courtyard formation?
"Ideally, they'll try to start pre-sales this summer, and break ground in the fall if there's strong interest." 
There does seem to be an uptick of houses in the neighborhood and Kingman Park being featured on popular blogs like Prince of Petworth and with nearby projects on East Capitol underway this does seem like "striking the iron when it's hot" from a developers stand point.  The Courtyard on Constitution is another nearby project that has a similar model that seemed to be successful from a developers point of view.

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E in Rosedale said...

What are the chances they use the same design that's shown in the City Paper story? I like it. It seems kind of unlikely that those would go for 300K though. I'm guessing market rate would be more like 450-500K.

Kind of a shame in a way though. It's a great lot and would be nice for some sort of recreational use. I wonder how it managed to stay vacant for so long.