Where To Go From Here?

There is a very good chance that part of Rosedale will be moved into Ward 7 while another section will stay in Ward 6. The finishing touches of the proposal will be in place before mid-July so there is only a few weeks to influence the minds of the councilmembers with individual emails and phone calls. With this information, one of the questions posed at the RCA meeting was "where to go from here as a citizens' group and as individual residents?" As an organization the RCA will continue to spread the word about the redistricting and will reach out to councilmembers in the form of a questionnaire to see what guidance they have on how a community should come together on neighborhood issues when it straddles two wards. Examples of questions proposed so far are: What will happen to the Rosedale Recreation Center and Library construction? Where would new Ward 7 residents vote? Who will our ANC commissioners be?  If there are any questions you would like to see on this councilmember redistricting questionnaire please comment or send via email. 

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