Parking Amendment for Kingman Park Neighbors

As of right now no amendment has been presented for Kingman Park residents to have dual residential zone parking (Wards 6/7). This was extended to Rosedale and Hill East neighbors but unfortunately Kingman Park has been left out again. Commisioner White has drafted a great form letter for Kingman Park neighbors to sign and send to councillmembers to address this problem.

The purpose of this email is to express my concern that the Kingman Park neighborhood was not included in the Parking Amendment to the redistricting billWe ask that Kingman Park be included in the amendment that changes parking for new Ward 7 residents who live West of the River, but East of 17th Street. The current plan only includes those residents who have changed Wards in 2011. This plan is insensitive and insulting to the people of Kingman Park .  This option should have been put in place 10 years ago when Kingman Park was isolated from Ward 6.  Please allow the 1,774 Kingman Park residents to have dual 6/7 or 6 parking zone stickers, as you have agreed to allow our neighbors.  We share their concerns, and have dealt with political isolation for a decade already.   

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.


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Kingman Park Resident

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update. We're on the west side of 17th, and want to help ensure that Rosedale stays a cohesive community (cohesive within Rosedale and cohesive with Capitol Hill and H Street) regardless of the ward lines. I think the best immediate course of action is to continue to pressure the CMs to keep ALL of Rosedale in Ward 6, but if the plan continues as written I think we will all need guidance on what this means for the recreation center, community groups, etc.

Stay vocal, neighbors! Given Jack Evans' comments on Kojo yesterday, they are listening.