Rail Station Lounge Meeting Tonight!

SMD 7D01Commissioner Lisa White has arranged for a meeting tonight, Tuesday February 22, 2011 @ 7PM, at the Rail Station Lounge located at 2001 Benning Road NE to support the Rail Station Lounge's liquor license application.

HERE is information about the liquor license application.

The Rail Station Lounge, owned by Genea Garcia, seeks to reopen a jazz club, it was first opened in the 1950's, but for many years, it has been a vacant and neglected.  In the past year, The Rail Station Lounge has presented shows, which have been successful without incident.

Please attend tonight's meeting, tour the facility, learn about the Lounge's events and offerings and support their liquor license application.  It is time for this part of Benning Road to once again become a thriving business district which services the Rosedale and Kingman Park neighborhoods.

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