ABRA Class 'C' Tavern License App. for 2001 Benning Road NE

2001 Benning Road NE, 'Rail Station Lounge', has applied for a ABRA license (ABRA-085098) to operate a Retail Class "C" Tavern.

2001 Benning Road NE (Corner of Benning Road and 20th Street)  

Here are a few details of the proposed operation:

  • "Lounge with jazz and neo-soul music"
  • "Complimentary snacks such as pretzels and chips offered"
  • "Entertainment will include cover charge and DJ - no dance floor"
  • "Total occupancy load is 200"
  • "Hours of sales/service and consumption of alcoholic beverages - Sunday - Saturday, 6pm - 2am"
  • "Hours of entertainment - Sunday - Saturday, 6pm - 12am"

You can read the application HERE, refer to page 8 of 8, or view it below.

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Anonymous said...

I attended the Kingman Park Civic Association (KPCA) meeting a few nights ago at the community center at Gibbs schoolhouse and heard Mr. Walton's talking points against the proposed lounge.

He mentioned that the KPCA is in legal mediation with the owners of the proposed Rail Station Lounge, and that the idea of the owners addressing the meeting on the topic of the lounge proposal was discussed in the mediation, but was never formally organized.

Shortly thereafter, a man arrived claiming to represent the Rail Station lounge. He asked to speak the the meeting attendees about the lounge proposal, but was shouted down by Mr. Walton, and others, Walton stated "we're not gonna entertain that tonight; this is not a public meeting."

Mr. Walton held up a map of the Florida Panhandle neighborhood from Lidia DePillis' February 4th City Paper article. He refered to the map, which you can see here ( http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/2011/02/03/florida-panhandle-does-the-layout-at-florida-avenue-and-north-capitol-street-cause-crime/ ) as a kind of case study as to how the density of liquor licenses there causes crime and disorder problems. He noted there are already two liquor license businesses nearby the site of the proposed lounge, and that the proposed lounge would be unnecessary.

Personally, I'm not sure I see the connection with the City Paper piece. All of the liquor licenses noted in the article are noted as "off sale" markets whereas the proposed lounge would permit "on"-premises sales only, right? The article also has a major focus on the street grid in the Florida Panhandle and how a traffic circle was removed at some point.

Mr. Walton also mentioned the proposed lounge would be "53 feet from a school." I'm assuming he's referring to the Blow schoolhouse. I'll have to take a closer look at the vicinity on my next walk. I wonder if this is 53 feet in a straight as the crow flies, with pedestrian students walking right past the lounge as they come and go from a back entrance at the school. The walking distance out to 2001 Benning, from the front entrance of the school on 19th street, is certainly greater than 53 feet.

I think a major point of critical thinking on this issue of the proximity to the school is the proposed hours of operation. If the lounge will never be open when the school is in session, that's much different than a place that's a lunchtime cocktail spot, or another such watering hole for daytime drinkers.

There are certain land uses which make a horrible neighbor for a school, for example, an interstate highway. Whether the density pressures of a major city necessitate a diversity of land uses in certain areas, or almost every neighborhood is a basis for a much needed conversation about the future of the Kingman Park neighborhood.