Crime Prevention Petition to Mayor Fenty

Please consider signing the below petition urging Mayor Fenty to address the spike in violent crime in and around Capitol Hill -

To: Mayor Fenty

In response to the recent increase in the number of carjackings, purse snatchings, and break-ins on Capitol Hill and the violent nature of these crimes, WE the undersigned, request Mayor Fenty to TAKE ACTION in fighting crime on Capitol Hill. We ask Mayor Fenty to help make our neighborhood a safer place by increasing funding and/or manpower to the appropriate law enforcement agencies/individuals. We demand implementation of alternative approaches that will actually target the problem, rather than the symptom and thus truly make a sustainable difference in the safety and lives of Hill residents. Increased police presence on the Hill, although positive, has not deterred these criminals. We ask Mayor Fenty to do what it takes to make Capitol Hill a safe place to live and raise our families.


The Undersigned

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