Welcome to Ward 6!

RCA would like to welcome Joshua Hopkins (joshua.hopkins@dc.gov)
and Alex Rotan (alex.rotan@dc.gov) who both recently took over for Forest Hayes and Chris Taylor as Ward 6 co-Outreach & Service Specialists for the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services.

Joshua and Alex graciously attended RCA's October meeting to introduce themselves and offer to coordinate City services for issues in and around the Rosedale neighborhood. They also coordinate the popular Mayor’s Office "Operation Fix-it" program for Ward 6.

If you have a Rosedale/Kingman Park neighborhood issues or problem, post it here or email RCA, rosedaledc@gmail.com, and we will included it in our to-do list we plan on sending them this Friday, 10/23/09.

Lastly, RCA would thank both outgoing coordinators Forest Hayes and Chris Taylor for their service and commitment to the Rosedale and Ward 6 communities. They both took pride in their efforts to make our neighborhoods better places to live, work, play and raise families. RCA wishes you both good fortune on your future endeavors!

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