RCA October 2009 Meeting Minutes

RCA October 2009 Meeting Minutes
October 05, 2009 @ 7pm
Langston Bar & Grille, 1831 Benning Road, NE, 2nd Floor

Special Guests in Attendance:

• Joshua Hopkins, Ward 6 Outreach & Service Specialist, Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services (joshua.hopkins@dc.gov)
• Alex Rotan, Ward 6 Outreach & Service Specialist, Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services (alex.rotan@dc.gov)

President/Vice-President's Report

Thanked everyone for attending.

Treasurer's Report

1. RCA General Account: $208.77
2. RCA KPCG Account: $6,138.24

Transportation Committee Report

1. C Street, NE - DDOT’s C Street, NE Traffic Calming Study and Preferred Design has begun, more information to follow, please visit the C Street, NE Project blog. (cstreetne.blogspot.com) for updates and ways to participate.
2. C Street, NE - At the request of RCA, Council Member Tommy Wells and ANC6A have both sent separate letters to MPD to request a permanent speed-camera on C Street, NE. Both letters are posted on the C Street, NE Project blog (cstreetne.blogspot.com).
3. 17th & 19th Street two-way conversion - DDOT's Transportation Policy and Planning Administration has completed the two-way conversion study and analysis, 17th Street from Benning Rd to Potomac Ave and 19th Street from Potomac Ave to C Street. The project has now moved to DDOT's Infrastructure Project Management Administration for final design and implementation. The conversion time-line has not been set, but multiple sources note that it will probably be in concert with the completion of the 11th Street Bridge project. Hopefully we can convince DDOT to expedite the conversion before then.
4. Benning Rd Reconstruction Project - if you see any unsafe conditions for pedestrians, cyclist or motorists, due to construction activities, please contact Mr. Nerdahl, MACTEC Project Manager for the project, at cberdahl@mactec.com or 703.609.4667

Outreach Committee Report

1. RCA OC was a major influence in successfully having the Rosedale library wing shell constructed with the new Rosedale Community Center. A special thanks to Brit Wyckoff who has been a champion of this effort for the last 3 years!

Garden Committee Report

1. Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden committee is actively pursuing the purchase of the garden property (and the adjacent south lawn property). They are in discussions with the current property owner, DC's Office of Property Management and Wiper Corporation (purchasing garden property through DC back-tax-sale). For more information refer to Pat Jordan’s through update on the RCA Member and KPRGarden Listservs. If you are interested in helping, please email us – rosedaledc@gmail.com

Crime & Safety Report

1. RCA is looking for someone to provide a brief report from the PSA 103 monthly meetings, if regularly attend and are interested, please let us know, email us - rosedaledc@gmail.com.
2. Citizens are encouraged to call 311 if they see dumped trash in the streets/alley
3. Note - MPD's PSA 103 (Police Service Area) monthly meeting (2nd Wednesday evening @ 7PM at Miner E.S., 601 15th St. NE) - discuss crime and safety issues directly with the MPD officers that serve the Rosedale neighborhood.
4. Note - ANC6A Public Safety Committee monthly meeting (3rd Thursday evening @ 7PM at Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th & G Streets, NE) - discuss crime and safety issues directly with committee members, including ANC6A08 Commission Kelvin Robinson, Co-chair

Old Business

1. Hanna Lewis is looking to start a support group, to meet regularly or as necessary, for community members grieving from the loss of a family-member, a friend or a loved-one. If you or someone you know needs someone to talk and would like to get together, please email RCA - rosedaledc@gmail.com - to get in touch with Hannah
2. Rosedale Community Center and Library groundbreaking ceremony was on September 30 and included Mayor Adrian Fenty, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and Acting DPR Director Ximena Hartsock. Brit Wyckoff, shovel in hand, represented RCA.

New Business

1. RCA will put together a short punch-list (trash in alleys, abandoned cars, overgrown vegetation, vacant/nuisance properties, missing sidewalks, etc.) of Rosedale neighborhood issues for Ward 6 Co-Outreach & Service Specialists Joshua Hopkins and Alex Rotan. If you have items to contribute, send them to rosedaledc@gmail.com
2. RCA invites the community to submit neighborhood and community information, photos, events, happenings or inquiries to post on the RCA blog, please send them to rosedaledc@gmail.com
3. RCA plans on preparing appreciation letters to PSA 103, previous Co-Ward 6 Outreach & Service Specialists Forest Hayes and Chris Taylor, Rosedale Recreation Center Site Manager Brian Williams and Jacquelyn R. Glover, Project Manager, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development.


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