Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Photos

The following photographs were taken on September 5, 2009 along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail between East Capitol Street Bridge (Whitney-Young Memorial Bridge) and Benning Road, NE.

C & 21st Streets, NE intersection "Portal" to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail (northeast corner)

Intersection of C Street access trail and the main Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

Directional medallion in stamped concrete

Anacostia Riverwalk Trail -looking north towards Benning Road and Langston Golf Course

Sign advertising the future Anacostia River Environmental Center at the entrance to Kingman & Heritage Island Park

"Natural Area, No Mowing Zone" sign - multiple signs along the trail note natural areas/meadows between the trail and the river. These recently created natural vegetation zones help buffer (absorb and slow) rain runoff from RFK parking lots which pollute the Anacostia River

Entrance in the Kingman & Heritage Islands

Summer Hours (April through October) Everyday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Winter Hours (November through March) Everyday 9:00 AM – Dusk

Anacostia Riverwalk Sign - notice trees and vegetation planted in background and trail lights

Wonderful 'observation portal' (East Capitol Street bridge in background)

Wonderful 'observation portal' (Heritage Island in the background) - just north of the East Capitol Street Bridge

Stained concrete directional starburst at the 'observation portal'

Recently completed trail-bridge under the East Capitol Street Bbridge (built due to chronic trail flooding)


IMGoph said...

wow, looks pretty good. i haven't been through there in a few months—i'll have to go back and check things out.

Ken said...

Yeah it is really coming along. And, the portion south between East Capitol St and Barney Circle is almost like riding/walking along a country road. As long as the access road is not open to speeding motorist. They have added split rail fences and vegetation between the road and trail and I think two observation portals (not sure what else to call them), but there isn't much of a view of the river.

Should be beautiful next month when the trees start changing. So close and worth the ride/walk.

If you like a little off-road riding or a nature walk, and you haven't tried it, Kingman & Heritage Island Park is really nice too, barely know you are in the city.


IMGoph said...

ken: i've been over to the islands a couple times (to walk the trails and for garbage clean-up). i wish the city would put even more effort into maintaining the trails over there. there were some places where i couldn't really proceed because the trails had become giant mud puddles. some minor grading and a little bit of a mulch-like surface on the heritage island trails would be nice.

Ken said...

Agreed. I think as the islands get more local and regional exposures and use, the trails will get in better shape. btw, I believe the islands are owned and maintained by NPS, though I never know who maintains what when it comes to the Anacostia River.