17th Street NE & Benning Road Intersection To Be Closed

17th Street NE & Benning Road Intersection To Be Closed For Construction Work

From September 14 To October 1

The District Department of Transportation is closing the intersection of 17th Street NE and Benning Road at 7:00 am Monday, September 14 until Thursday, October 1, to accommodate road construction within the intersection.

During this period, southbound 17th Street motorists will be unable to cross Benning Road to continue on 17th, which is one-way south. Left turns from 17th Street onto Benning Road, and left turns from Benning onto 17th also will be prohibited. Pedestrians will be unable to cross Benning Road at the 17th Street intersection.

Eastbound Benning Road motorists will still be able to turn right onto 17th, and 17th Street motorists may still turn right onto Benning Road.

Detour signs will be posted, directing motorists to use H Street north of Benning or E Street south of Benning to reach 16th or 18th Street where the intersections are open for crossing and for left turns.

The work is part of DDOT’s Benning Road reconstruction project. More information about the project is available on the DDOT website, www.ddot.dc.gov, under the “Major Construction Initiatives” menu selection. All work from 16th Street to the project’s east end just east of Oklahoma Avenue is scheduled for completion by mid-December 2009. Work on the Starburst Plaza and intersection – at 15th Street, H Street, Maryland and Florida Avenues, and Benning and Bladensburg Roads – will be finished in the spring of 2010.

Thank you for your patience.

For more information or assistance, contact: Margaret Gentry, Community Relations Specialist, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, 202.320.8534 or magentry@mactec.com. MACTEC is DDOT’s construction manager for the project.


Margaret Gentry
Community Relations Specialist
MACTEC Engineering & Consulting Inc.
Email: magentry@mactec.com - or- margaretgentry@hotmail.com
T: 202.388.3081 (office) 202.320.8534 (cell)
F: 202.388.3083
Office Address: 1322 H Street NE
Washington, DC 20002


IMGoph said...

how long until we can get DDOT to make 17th street into a two-way street? it would make the area a lot less of a racetrack for people cutting through the neighborhood.

Ken said...


I am fairly certain that DDOT has it under design now and plans on implementing the directional change in 2010 or 2011.

I am meeting with the Ward 6 Transportation Planner, Jamie Henson, tonight and will ask. He just made a presentation to the ANC6A Transportation & Public Space Committee back in July about it too.