Update on the Rosedale Community Center

Hi Everyone,

We would like to take a moment to update the community about the meeting that was held on May 12th in Councilman Thomas office. Given that the city budget was being voted on, we had the opportunity to meet with Neil Rodgers to gain clarification on a few recent issues. We would also like to thank Brit Wyckoff and ANC Representative, Mr. kelvin Robinson, for being present.

The following are highlights that were addressed in the meeting:

1. Friend of Rosedale groups- the community center can have multiple FOR's leading to an ability to have great diversity and numerous programs and services offered to area residents. Applications to be an FOR are encouraged. ANC representatives can recommend or support an application however the final approval is not in their hands.

2. Fundraising by FOR's- the FOR's can fund-raise to support specific programs they are assisting with however, they cannot in any way raise funds on public property including the Rosedale Recreation Center and grounds.This includes selling of refreshments, candy etc. on DPR property. This is illegal and would hinder the FOR's ability to support programs and services. Monies that are raised are to be spent directly on services for programs approved by DPR (this can be through the FOR program agreement).

3. Volunteers- All Volunteers must be certified. This protects the District of Columbia ,Department of Parks,Recreations,and Libraries, volunteers, residents and organizing groups. Volunteers do not have to be certified at the time of an FOR Application, but they must be certified before programming or services begin.The certification process includes completing a volunteer application and police back ground check. If there are any current volunteers that have not completed this process they must do so immediately to continue volunteering.

4. Current Status of the new community center is unclear. The Councilman is going to request the status of the project and will be in touch with community leaders with an update. This is a priority.

5. Given the recent staff turnover at DPR it is unclear who are our current/new representatives . The Councilman is going to look into this and be in touch. This will help smooth communications between DPR, our ANC representatives and community leaders. This will also help to ensure that all future communications between these groups is clear and based on DC policies and procedures.

Overall, the meeting was very informative. We would like to thank Councilman Thomas and his Staff for their outstanding support to the Rosedale Community. Thank you and we look forward to working with you all as we continue to build a strong community together.


Sondra Phillips-Gilbert
The Rosedale Grassroots Organization

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