RCA's April 2009 Meeting Minutes

Special Guests in Attendance:

• Forest Hayes, EOM, Co-ward 6 Outreach& Service Specialist (forest.hayes@dc.gov)
Kelvin Robinson, ANC 6A08 Commissioner (kelvin.robinson@anc6A08.com)
• Mary Elliot, UDC Community Outreach and Extension Services Coordinator (melliott@udc.edu)
• Chris Coggins, UDC 4-H Coordinator (ccoggins@udc.edu)
Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, starting female pitcher in the all male professional baseball Negro League during the 1950’s (contact Jerome Gray – artsensations@yahoo.com)
• Beth Purcell, Capitol Hill Restoration Society (eap1@mindspring.com)
• MPD Officer Bell, PSA 103 (202.544.0178)

President/Vice-President's Report


Treasurer's Report

1. No expenditures in March

2. Annual Membership fees ($10) are now due

3. RCA and Garden Accounts' information are available, please see Pat T., Treasure, for details

Transportation Committee Report

1. DDOT is currently seeking contract bids to do a in-depth traffic study and preliminary redesign based on analysis and community input for C street, NE from 21st to 16th Streets. The study is scheduled for 2009. More information will be provided once DDOT has awarded the contract and study is scheduled to commence.

2. Some attendees voiced interest in speed-humps for Gales Street, between 16th and 17th Streets. DDOT has a specific program, so contact Ken G. (Rosedaledc@gmail.com) if interested in pursuing

3. Noted that DDOT plans on converting 17th and 19th Streets tentatively scheduled once the 11th St. Bridge project is completed

4. Forest Hayes noted that the Benning Road Reconstruction Project, originally scheduled to be completed December 2009, will most likely be completed mid-2010 due to coordination issues with underground utility work

Outreach Committee Report

1. Brit W. discussed the need for coordination between the DPR and Libraries to ensure Library facilities and programs are included in the design and programming for the new Rosedale Community Center, scheduled to begin construction this year. Forest Hayes stated the Mayor is committed to allocating a portion of the set building area, example a room, and will assist in facilitating a discussion between the Rosedale community, Libraries and DPR to consider Library staffing and programs.

Garden Committee Report

1. Garden plots are available for at the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden, located in within the interior block bounded by D and E Streets and 20th and 21st Streets. If you are interested, contact Logan W. (Rosedaledc@gmail.com)

Crime & Safety Report

1. Officer Bell stated 4 MPD officers are now of foot-beat in the Rosedale area, including Benning Road corridor.

2. Forest Hayes stated the Rosedale neighborhood (PSA 103) is designated by the Mayor’s office as a Focus Improvement Area (FIA) which allows for increased and expedited city resources to combat community issues from drug-related and nuisance properties to trash removal and tree-plantings.

3. Officer Bell stated PSA 103 officers are now routinely onsite at the Rosedale Recreation Center.

4. PSA 103 Lt. Caldwell has requested a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera at the corner of Gales and 17th Street, next to the Rosedale Recreation Center

5. Forest Hayes stated 1629 E Street, NE, a long-time nuisance property, has been shuttered and secured. The city is working with the property-owner to make improvements

6. The Rosedale community is encouraged to attend MPD's PSA 103 (Police Service Area) monthly meeting (2nd Wednesday evening @ 7PM at Miner E.S., 601 15th St. NE) to discuss crime and safety issues directly with the MPD officers that serve the Rosedale neighborhood.

Old Business

1. Capitol Hill Restoration Society will host a Rosedale neighborhood "Historical Walking-tour" on May 30, 2009 from 11AM – 1PM. The Rosedale community is encouraged to participate by volunteering to present a topic prepared by CHRS. Please contact RCA, rosedaledc@gmail.com, to learn how you can volunteer! More information about this exciting event to follow on the RCA blog

New Business

1. Kelvin Robinson, ANC6A08 Commissioner, introduced himself. He briefly explained that his priority is on public safety and is co-chairing the ANC6A Public Safety Committee. He is currently focusing on youth and ways to provided them with positive, educational, fun activities during the summer months. The next ANC6A Public Safety Committee meeting will be April 30 @ 7-8:30 PM (Options Public Charter School 1375 E Street, NE) to discuss the DC's plans for summer youth activities in our area.

2. Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, was a starting female pitcher (second female to play in the league) in the all male professional baseball Negro League during the 1950’s. She is proposing to have the new Rosedale Community Center reconstructed playing-field named after her. She was discovered and recruited playing baseball on the Rosedale fields. RCA has agreed to write a support letter. Mamie’s associate, Jerome Gray is currently researching what DC agency to contact to pursue the issue and RCA will send the letter to the appropriate agency, assumed to be DPR.

3. Mary Elliott and Chris Coggins with the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) briefly presented UDC’s Community Outreach and Extension Services and 4-H programs available to the Rosedale community.

4. Mary stated that UDC is planning a “Quality-of-Life Day for Ward 6 and would like to host the event at Rosedale Recreation Center. She is asking for RCA to help promote, support and volunteer for the event. If you are interested in volunteering for this community event contact Nikki B. (Rosedaledc@gmail.com). More on the event to follow on the RCA blog.

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