Please Support the Kingman Park Rosedale Community Garden

Dear Garden Friends,

Please show your support for the Kingman Park Rosedale Community Garden (KPRCG)! This year, we are attempting to purchase the land the garden occupies from current private property owner. This owner has taxes owed on the property. First, we'll have to raise the money for the land-purchase. Second, we'll need the city to excuse the back taxes owed on the land so that the sale can go through.

We need to send letters from supporters to city council and would like to have them on hand for grant opportunities. We need these by the end of the day, Thursday, April 23!*

Please see the sample letter (below & HERE) and change the text as you wish to make it your own. Hand signed copies are preferable!

You can send the letter to us either by email Rosedaledc@gmail.com or contact us (Rosedaledc@gmail.com) for fax number or snail-mail address. We'd rather have a signed support letter, but due to the short notice, we'll gladly accept a support email message sent to the above email address.

*If you can't get us a letter by Thursday, April 23, please send your message/letter of support as soon as possible for future grant opportunities.

More information can be found at the Kingman Park Rosedale Community garden Website, click HERE

Thank you!



April 23, 2009

Re: Support for the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden (KPRCG)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter in support of the Rosedale Citizens' Alliance (RCA) and the community garden they sponsor, in the lot bounded by the alleys of 20th, 21st, D and E Streets NE.

As a resident of the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community, I appreciate their efforts to create a welcoming community space for all to enjoy. For several years, this land was not maintained and became a dumping ground for junked vehicles and other trash. The garden group has been a good steward of the land for the past five years. I support their efforts to purchase the land and maintain it as a community garden and gathering space.

The KPRCG, which is run by RCA, has been a community gathering point, providing a space for the residents of Kingman Park and Rosedale to connect with each other, share stories and celebrate our neighborhood. Under the care of RCA, the site of the KPRCG has become a unique space for neighbors to gather.

I support RCA's efforts to purchase the land and encourage the city council to waive the back taxes owed by the current property owner. This will ensure that the land is preserved as a community space, providing more space for growing edibles, growing our garden, building and beautifying our community.



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