Reminder: RCA Monthly Meeting Tonight

***Annual Membership Fees are now due! ~ Treasurer will collect at the meeting***

When: March 9, 2009 7:30PM - 9PM (rescheduled from March 2)
Where: Rosedale Recreation Center - 17th & Gales Streets, NE (202.724.5405)

7:30 Welcome & Agenda Review (Karen)


7:35 Approval of February meeting minutes (Ken)

7:40 Reports

• President/VP Report & Discussion (5 min, Karen)
• Treasurer's Report & Discussion (5 min, Pat or Ken)
• Transportation Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Ken)
• Outreach Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Brit)
• Garden Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Karen)
• Crime Report & Discussion (5 min, Brenda)


• Discuss CHRS plan to conduct a Rosedale Neighborhood Historical Walking–tour tentatively scheduled for Spring 2009, Please refer below for further information (20 min, Ken & Dana)
• Post-(DPR) Rosedale Recreation Program Planning meeting synopsis (10 min, Brit)
• March is RCA's Annual Membership & Dues "Drive" (5 min, Ken & Pat)


• General Discussion, Announcements, etc. (as time allows)

~ Supplemental Information ~

CHRS Rosedale Neighborhood Historical Walking–tour

Why: Provide the Rosedale community the opportunity to learn about Rosedale related historical interests, such as: historical social, cultural and architectural interests/events/people/places

What: A guided historical walking-tour through a designated area of the Rosedale community; a pamphlet of information is usually included.

Where: Area bounded by Benning Rd, E Street, 15th and 17th Streets. Based on preliminary research, Beth and Donna believe this to be the oldest developed area of Rosedale. (this area is just west of the Rosedale Recreation Center)

When: Tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 30, 2009 from 11AM - 1PM, this falls within CHRS's Historical Preservation Month campaign

Who: CHRS, RCA and volunteers from Rosedale/Kingman Park neighborhoods to help organize, advertise, set-up/tear-down, be tour-guides and contribute neighborhood information for the tour-script (developed by CHRS).

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