KPR Community Garden Work Day

Kingman Park / Rosedale Garden had their first work-day for the 2009 season. Gardeners came out to start preparing plots, remove a damaged section of fence (due to a stolen vehicle running into it), do general grounds clean-up and distribute flower, herb and vegetable seeds the garden committee obtain from Rooting DC's 2nd Annual Urban Garden Forum on February 21st.

HERE are some photos of the garden back in 2005

HERE are some photos of the KPR Garden 2008 spring work day when new plots were built.

Preparing the soil

A garden plot ready for the first planting

Removed fence section damaged by vehicle collision

Winter outdoor greenhouse using old storm-windows

Herb Spiral

Since the above photos are a bit drab and it might be hard to envision the garden green, here are some pictures from the 2008 gardening season to inspire and motivate.

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