RCA's February Meeting in Afro News!

A BIG "Thank you!" to Afro News and reporter I.S. Yansane for covering RCA's February meeting with Special Guest Mayor Adrian Fenty.

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Also, HERE is a previous post with further infromation about Rosedale neighborhood topics discussed between citizens and Mayor Fenty at RCA's February meeting.

A few corrections and clarifications within the article:

Third paragraph, correction: Necothia Bowens is not the Rosedale Recreation Center Director (the current Director is Brian Williams), She is the current President of Rosedale Citizens' Alliance (RCA).

Seventh paragraph, correction: Mayor Fenty did not explicitly state, "...promised to support." He is open to the idea and willing to support the C Street transformation efforts only if it does not adversely effect the safety/quality-of-life of the surrounding neighborhood street grid. Obviously, this is the goal of the project; not to redirect traffic on to adjacent neighborhood streets, but to redirect commuter and commercial vehicles to existing major east-west arterial corridors.

Eighth paragraph, correction: RCA Secretary and Transportation Committee Chair Ken Granata

Fourteenth paragraph, clarification:
Cafe Roma was closed due to, "prevailing difficult market condition[s]" as stated by Cafe Roma's management. Cafe Roma was originally denied a special zoning exemption for a bakery/catering. Citizens and the Mayor suggested Cafe Roma, as part of a potential new business plan, re-apply for the exemption and the Mayor's office would write a letter of support.

Fourteenth paragraph, clarification: The Mayor did not stated he is in favor, or in discussion with the Redskins, to build a new stadium on the existing RFK Stadium; these were two separate discussion topics.

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