Follow-up to the Mayor's Rosedale Walk-thru

The Rosedale neighborhood has been selected as a "Focus Improvement Area" by the Mayor's Office, allowing DC services to be expedited for the community.

In the spring 2008, Mayor Fenty, and his entourage of City officials, walked a portion of the Rosedale neighborhood identifying and generating a list of deficiencies the various DC government agencies could readily "improve", including: removing trash/debris piles, cutting overgrown vegetation, repaving alleys, securing vacant properties, issuing warning violations and removing graffiti.

Mayor Fenty was scheduled to return to the same area yesterday, October 10 @ noon, to personally witness the improvements. Here are a few before and after photographs provided by Caroline Jhingory, Ward 6 Outreach and Services Specialist for the Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services, who coordinated and managed the multi-agency efforts.

A huge thank you to Caroline Jhingory (caroline.jhingory2@dc.gov) and her service team members. Their efforts and hard-work are not only testimony to the Mayor's commitment to providing excellent service to DC citizens, but also the folks on the ground making it happen.

(disclosure: "Before & after" photographs and comments were provided by Caroline Jhingory, EOM (caroline.jhingory2@dc.gov))


Tom Aloisi said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing it. but I think emphasis should be places on projects like newly paved alleys and new sidewalks. The trash clean-up and lawn mowing should happen without a mayoral visit. I guess the services offered by "311" need to be better advertised. They'll come and pick up anything with bulk pick. DC is really great that way- perhaps one of the best cities in the country!

And did the city actually clean up and mow someone's back yard on Gales street?

Caroline said...


Thank you for your comments. I should clarify that the work done in the photos was over the course of the last 3 months. Being that Rosedale is the Focus Improvement Area (FIA) for the mayor's office, whether he is scheduled to visit or not I make every effort to find and resolve concerns in Rosedale each week. This week we removed graffiti near 1634 F Street NE and the alley near 1507 Gales Street NE. The city did not clean up and mow a backyard on Gales Street, we did however issue the appropiate notice and fines to property owners of the two vacant lots near Gales Street...when the owner does not respond to our notice of violation within 7-14...the the city will abate.

Any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly at caroline.jhingory2@dc.gov or 202.727.7975.

Caroline said...

One more thing...

The city has repaved alleys behind the odd side of the 1600 Block of Rosedale, the alleyway between the 1600 Block of E and F, in addition to extensive sidewalk repairs near the 1700 Block of F Street:)