CHRS: "Beyond the Boundaries" Project

Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS) is conducting a historical survey of neighborhoods adjacent to the Capitol Hill Historic District proper called "Beyond the Boundaries". The project's "mission is to assist neighborhoods outside the Capitol Hill Historic District with their historic preservation efforts." The boundary neighborhoods include the Rosedale community (the eastern boundary is 19th Street).

Currently, volunteers are needed to complete architectural building surveys within a chosen city square. A survey is completed for each individual structure, residential and commercial, and seeks to identify typical architectural period styles and elements on the building's exterior, such as: building materials, roof-geomertry, bays, chimneys, window styles, additions, porches, etc.

For more information, visit CHRS website

If you are interested in helping and adopting a Rosedale or Kingman Park square, contact Donna (CHRS) hanousek@earthlink.net or Ken (RCA) space-creator@hotmail.com.

(Disclosure: portions of the above post were excerpted from CHRS website)

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