Reconstruction of Benning Road, NE

Project Overview

The project involves the phased reconstruction of the eastbound and westbound Benning Road, NE from 14th and H Street to Oklahoma Ave. The project also includes portions of Maryland Avenue and Bladensburg Road.

Starburst Intersection: Artist Rendering (looking Northwest along Maryland Ave)

Click here to view the Benning Road "Preferred Concept Design" from 16th Street to Oklahoma Avenue.

Work on the project includes the following:

Pavement Restoration with the placement of brick gutter and granite curbs adjacent to asphalt over aggregate subbase.
Sidewalk restoration featuring exposed aggregate sidewalks surface treatment
Safety Improvements–crosswalks, wheel chair ramps, and driveway entrances
Streetlight and Traffic Signal Upgrades–Pedestrian level lighting, improved streetlights, upgraded traffic signal and timing
Drainage Upgrades–New inlet basins, fire hydrant upgrades
DCWASA-upgrades to water main lines
Landscaping upgrades featuring the construction of the Starburst Plaza which will include a historical mural and multiple outdoor attractions for the neighborhood.
Streetcar tracks: DDOT plans to install tracks from the intersection of Oklahoma Avenue and Benning Road to 3rd Street along H Street. Tracks will be installed on the eastbound and westbound lanes.
Coordination with multiple utility companies performing construction activities within the project limits.

Starburst Intersection Plan

The total value of the contract at award to Capitol Paving of DC, Inc. is $35,448,123.90. The notice to proceed date was December 12, 2007 with project duration of 730 calendar days for scheduled completion date of December 13, 2009.

(Disclosure: the above was extracted in its entirety from DDOT's H Street, NE & Benning Road, NE project webpage)

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