RCA meeting with DPR on Planning the New Rec and Community Center

RCA and the Rosedale Youth Institute met with officials from Councilmember Tommy Wells Office and the Department of Parks and Recreation yesterday. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss RCA's recommendations on how DPR can ensure there is a community-driven planning process for the new Rosedale Recreation and Community Center.
Highlights of the meeting were as follows:
- DPR committed to follow eight of RCA's nine recommendations.
- The exception was the recommendation that DPR re: the contractor use an online tool to collect community input, in addition to public meetings. DPR stated that they would vigorously pursue this but could not guarantee it.
- There was one other wrinkle: DPR stated that they could not post a sign outside the current facility announcing the beginning of the planning process, because DPR does not allot money for signage until construction begins. However, Daniel Conner from CM Wells office stated that he could work to get funding for a sign or banner.
- DPR stated that the planning contractor should be hired and begin work by late April or May. Community hearings will soon follow. Planning and design would last through 2009, and construction would likely begin in FY 2010. The Mayor's proposed budget for 2009 will include funding for construction in 2010.
- RCA encourages anyone in the community who would like to provide feedback on the planning process to contact Jesse Rounds, Community Planner at DPR jesse.rounds@dc.gov or 202-671-0416.

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