Kingsman Field Dog Park

A group of neighbors have been advocating for a legal, safe dog-park established at Kingsman Field (located behind Options Charter School) for several years now. The process is now moving forward with DPR and we are ready for our next step, proving that there is neighborhood support. To this end, a petition in support of the dog park has been developed and is awaiting circulation!

It can be downloaded here.

Here's how it works:

If you support a dog-park at Kingsman Field, please download the petition and...
1. Read it over,
2. Print a copy out,
3. Sign it,
4. Indicate your preferred choice for where you think the dog-park portion of the Field should be located,
5. Get as many of your friends and neighbors as you can to sign on!

Feel free to share this link with your dog-loving friends and neighbors. We appreciate any and all supporters, but petition signers must be residents of Ward Six.

Petitions must be turned in to Rebecca by Friday, March 28th.
3 ways to turn in your signed petitions:
1. You can drop them off at Rebecca's: 426 11th Street, NE,
2. Scan and email to peters_rebecca [at] yahoo.com.
3. For a fax number, email mmajors[at]dcemail.com for a number,
drop off and email are preferred.

Thanks for your interest in and support of a safe, legal, fenced dog-park at Kingsman Field!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about the petition! We are working hard to make this dream become a reality!

Make sure you pick up the March 2008 Hill Rag--there's an article on our progress (one paw at a time!) on pages 70 and 72.

mmajors at dcemail dot com

Beth Kemler said...

If you support the restoration of Kingsman Field, including a legal dog park, you can now sign the petition online!

Go to http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/enclosed-dog-park-at-kingsman-field.html