RYI/RCA Application for Football Grant Receives Initial Approval

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let ya'll know that the ANC6A Community Outreach
Committee approved a request for about $4000 for new uniforms for the
Rosedale Tigers football program. Mr. John Cotten and I attended the
Committee meeting last night. John presented the application to the
Committee, and we both answered questions.

The Committee does not have final approval--their role is to make
recommendations to the ANC6A commissioners. So Mr, Cotten and I will
attend the next full ANC6A meeting on February 14th to present the
application and answer any questions the Commissioners may have.
(Currently, there is no longer grant money available in this year's
budget, although they are expected to approve additional amounts at
the February meeting.)

Thanks to John for writing the application, and thanks to everyone for
their support!

-Rick Uzes
President, RCA

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