From the Friends of the Rosedale Library

Please Support the DC Library Budget
Mayor Gray has proposed a Fiscal Year 2014 budget for the DC Public Library that would allow all Libraries across the city to open on Sundays, as well as additional hours on weekdays.  It would also increase funding for books and materials, and for staff, security, and training.  
The Friends of the Rosedale Library (FORL) testified before the DC Council Committtee on Education in support of the Mayor's budget, but Education Committee Chair David Catania is instead expected to cut the Library funds in his 'markup' to give more money to the School System. 
The proposed budget for the DC Public Library is just $53.1 Million compared to $1.3 Billion for DC Public Schools - and DCPL has never had a cost over-run and has spent its money well.  The new Rosedale Library (1701 Gales Street NE) came in on budget and has quickly become a huge asset to Rosedale and Kingman Park and residents in Wards 6, 7 and 5.   
FORL believes that at this time of a rare budget surplus, there is money for both the Library and the Schools; that the Library needs to have additional funds to make up for drastic cuts over the past 5 years; and that Sunday hours will give all 630,000+ residents of DC access to educational, social and cultural opportunities, such as books, study materials, and computers.   
If you would like to join us in support of the proposed Library budget, please send an email to ALL five DC Education Committee members listed below, no later then Tuesday, May 7th.  
We have included a draft letter for each Council Member (containing a reference to the Libraries in their Ward), which you have to edit further, inserting your name, address (and if you live in Ward 7, please tell Ms. Alexander esp. if you use Rosedale Library).
 The email addresses for each of the Council Members are below.  Just open each CM-specific 'letter', copy and paste into an email - then edit the signature block (and any other area you want), put in the CM's email address and send off with a nice subject line.
 If you have questions, please email FORL at FriendsoftheRosedaleLibrary@gmail.com or call 571-213-1630
Thank you for your support of Rosedale and all DC Libraries.
Council Member Catania: 
Council Member Grosso:
Council Member Alexander:
Council Member Barry:
Council Member Wells:
Thank you!

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If you would like to receive a form letter to send to councilmembers please email friends of the rosedale library.