Atlas Theater Apprenticeship Program

This information was passed on from the new hill east blog:

 High school graduates have the opportunity to learn to work behind the scenes in the Atlas Stagecraft Training and Apprenticeship Program (ASTAP) which seeks to develop new skills for individuals in technical production through training in carpentry, lighting, sound and projection and to help them acquire jobs as stagehands in theatres as well as hotels and convention centers.

This 5 month program begins in June with three months of training. Classes are held on Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday for a total of 12 hours each week. The three-month apprenticeship phase begins in August, overlapping one month of the training phase.

For more information contact Program Manager Robert Boaz or 202-399-7993 ext 114.
To apply for the 2012 Atlas Stagecraft Training and Apprenticeship Program  click the link below to apply http://atlasarts.org/site/wp-content/uploads/ASTAPApplication20121.pdf


MiCoBa said...

I was actually a stage hand in high school and it was such a fun, character building, amazing experience. This is a great opportunity for those who show any interest in carpentry, theater and/or production.

Anonymous said...

It pays pretty well too. There are jobs not only in theaters but in setting up for conferences and conventions. I hear that the training is demanding but very useful. Males and females that finished the training get jobs.