Pepco Benning Road site is perfect for the NFL or FBI

There are over fifty comments concurring or critiquing the idea of the FBI or the Redskins moving to this site.

The old pepco site is one of the areas suggested that the streetcar/trolley barn be placed instead of near Spingarn high school.

From Greater Greater Washington


rkulenka said...

I am pretty certain that I read that the portion of the PEPCO plant that is going to shut down covers only 20% of that area. The rest of will still be used by PEPCO for a while to come. If at all possible, and this is purely speculation, wouldn’t that 20% be better suited for the Street Car Barn?

MiCoBa said...

This is speculative however there has been a lot of chatter in the last six months about the possibilities of at least moving the Redskin's training center to d.c.

Chris said...

No matter what the site is used for, as residents of the surrounding area, we deserve to see this site finally "cleaned up " to the greatest extent possible.

Since all of the steps below, from the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) will need to occur, which could very well take several years, one question then becomes, should we really be giving serious consideration to that site as a location for the DC Streetcar barn and maintenance facility? Would having the streetcar facility at that site really be worth waiting years more for the streetcar to get into farebox service?

See some of the steps below from the PEPCO Community Involvement Plan:

First a Remedial Investigation (RI) will be confucted
• Review existing data
• Define scope of investigation
• Prepare RI/FS work plans
• Obtain permits
• Collect soil and groundwater samples, and water/sediment residue samples from storm drains at the Site for laboratory analysis
• Investigate hydrogeology and preferential groundwater migration pathways
• Survey river bottom
• Collect sediment and surface water samples in the river for laboratory analysis
• Perform benthic macro-invertebrate surveys and toxicity tests
• Perform exposure assessment and risk analysis
• Prepare Remedial Investigation Report

AECOM will conduct a Feasibility Study (FS) based on the results of the Remedial Investigation.
• Identify remediation requirements and establish remedial objectives
• Develop and screen remedial alternatives
• Perform treatability studies (if necessary)
• Conduct detailed analysis of alternatives
• Prepare Feasibility Study Report

MiCoBa said...

thanks for the thorough breakdown Chris. I wonder if DDOT and all other interested parties know all of those steps.