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DPR Summer Employment 

The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Summer Camp Office strives to provide high quality recreational programming for youth of all ages that enhances the year-round opportunities available in the District. Summer staff are provided engaging training, creative curriculum, scheduled trips, and a team of like-minded staff to meet the goals outlined in the program in a structured and supportive atmosphere. Staff will have the opportunity to be creative, work with youth, and develop professional goals, while enjoying all that DPR has to offer Washington, DC’s youth. We are looking for talented individuals to join out team who are energetic, professional, responsible, and motivated. 

Please review our open positions and apply online!
Hiring Process
  1. Apply onlineComplete the application and personal statement to the best of your ability. Make sure to make any edits and corrections before submitting.
  2. ConfirmationYou will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.
  3. Preliminary SelectionIf short listed for a summer position based on your submitted application, you will receive a notification within five business days with instructions on the next steps. The selection process will begin mid February and will continue till end of April.
  4. Eligibility CheckAll selected applicants will be screened for past employment with DC government and DPR.
  5. Interview FairIf you pass the eligibility check, you will be invited to attend an Interview Fair where you will be interviewed by program managers. Depending on the position for which you are applying, you may be asked to do an additional task.
  6. Secondary SelectionIf selected based on your interview at the fair, you will be contacted by DPR HR representative for the next steps in the hiring process which will include scheduling for mandatory background and pre-employment checks.
  7. Background CheckIf you decide to proceed with the hiring process, you will be asked to visit DCHR (located at 441 4th Street NW, Suite 330S) for a pre-employment check and the Metropolitan Police Department (located at 300 Indiana Avenue NW ) to participate in a background check. Refusal to undergo any portion of this process is considered grounds for immediate disqualification. Please note that if you are a returning summer employee and you were cleared to work through a MPD background check in 2011, you will not need to redo the background check. You will, however, be required to do the DCHR pre employment check.
  8. Offer Letter and PlacementOnce you have successfully completed steps 1-7 and have passed both MPD and DCHR checks, you will receive a formal offer letter from DPR HR that will state your salary, position, program and starting date. With the offer letter in hand, you will attend an orientation with DCHR.
You can only start working at your designated location / camp once you have completed steps 1-8. You will not be authorized to work if you do not have an offer letter or have not attended DCHR orientation.
Summer Positions
DPR is hiring for a variety of positions. Learn more about the qualifications and responsibilities of each position on the Summer Positions page.
Frequently Asked Questions
For many summer hires this will be their first professional working experience. To help reduce the amount of confusion, DPR has provided aFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on our website.
Contact Us
DC Department of Parks and Recreation
Human Resources Division
Phone: (202) 673-7603
Email: dpr.summer@dc.gov

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