One Door Closes and Another One Opens

Roadside Cafe is officially closed. The Jamaican style quick food service spot had ambitious plans which unfortunately did not materialize. Best of luck to the owners on their next venture. DC Soundstage has been open for the last month (I believe) at 2403 Benning Road NE and seems like a fun casual space. It's getting cold outside but hopefully we can make time to support businesses that support the positive development of our neighborhood.


MiCoBa said...

I actually tried to go to the Roadside Cafe this Fall however they had changed their hours and I missed out. A shame.

East_H said...

I went to Roadside once for brunch and it was really fantastic. Jerk chicken and waffles, live music, good service.

It's too bad, but the writing was sort of on the wall from the beginning. Starting with the name-- "Roadside Cafe" had zero appeal, said nothing about what was offered, and would never draw anyone from H to check it out. Unfortunate that they put so much effort into everything else and whiffed on name. Hopefully they can open something else with a business plan that focuses a bit more on marketing.