Taxi driver injured in carjacking in D.C.

Taxi driver injured in carjacking in D.C.
A taxi driver was injured Tuesday night during a carjacking of his taxi in Northeast Washington DC, police said.
The carjacking occurred in the Popeye’s 2300 block of Benning Road about 10 p.m., said Officer Hugh Carew, a police spokesman. The driver was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, but it was not immediately clear how he was injured.
Police issued a lookout for the vehicle, a black and yellow taxi. It was found abandoned in the 400 block of 23rd Place NE about 15 minutes after the initial incident, Carew said.
No arrests had been made late Tuesday, and police released no information about suspect.

ANC Commissioner Lisa White reported" 
Over 20 cars has been vandalized and broken in since Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in the Kingman Park and Rosedale Communities.We all know that the economy is triggering more thefts in the community. It is unfortunate that they are targeting most of us that work hard for the things we have. Please take extra safeguards to protect you and your family. Safety tips has been posted on the community blog: http://anc7d01.wordpress.com 
I sent emails to the Chief of Police Cathy Lanier and Mayor Vince Gray about the recent crime spikes in our community. They have assured me that they will put additional safety measures in place to keep our community a safe place."

Once again, if you see something, say something.

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Chris said...

Ms. White, thanks for your leadership on this issue. Beyond working with police, in the longer term, we could also be strongly supporting things that will put more "eyes on the street" in our community. Specifically, I'm talking about us being pragmatic about helping get the streetcar online as soon as possible which will promote retail shops and services along the Benning road corridor. Consider also that the upcoming DC Streetcar Barn and Training Center right on Bennng Road at the Spingarn campus will have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and tooling that will necessitate a 'round the clock staff of security officers, even more eyes on the street there.