S.C.O.R.E. Friday a big success.

SCORE Friday’s

Students Capable of Reading Excellent, a program established by RCA Member & Vice President Ms. Hannah Lewis scored excellent review for community partnership with Rosedale Youth. 

The purpose of SCORE Friday’s is to increase reading comprehension and fluency; vocabulary building, improve writing skills and to encourage reading for pleasure. 

With the assistance of a Community Grant certificate from community partner, Greater DC Cares, SCORE Friday’s was able to complete a very success program.  Housed at the Gibbs Elementary School, shuttered site for the Rosedale Recreation Center, community youth met every other Friday with anticipation and ready hearts.   During the program children were able to reach the aforementioned goals by reading, writing, playing games and friendly competitions.  The Grant enabled Ms. Lewis, program coordinator to purchase paper supplies, books, writing material and food for participants. 

There were approximately 15 children who receive Certificates of Recognition, which made for a great end to the 2011 school year.  There was a close out Pizza Party and the kids promised to continue SCORING and striving for excellence. 

Great Job Hannah, SCORE Friday’s is indeed a successful addition to the Community. 

Written & Submitted by:
Nikki Bowens

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