Rally to keep Capitol Hill (and Rosedale) together

Obviously, we know that Rosedale is not Capitol Hill but if rumors are true that the boundaries of Ward 7 would be moved t0 17th st then Rosedale would straddle two wards. How awkward and inconvenient would that be!?

The information posted below was taken from H Street Great Street blog:

As you may have heard, DC is in the midst of the redistricting of its Ward lines and recent reports suggest that the 3 member Redistricting Subcommittee is prepared to recommend lopping of the eastern parts of Ward 6 and adding them to Ward 7, which needs to increase in size due to its reduced size in the recent census. The latest report is that 17th Street will become the arbitrary dividing line splitting the area on the east side of the street from the rest of Capitol Hill and Ward 6. Among other things, using this dividing line would place Eastern High School ("the Pride of Capitol Hill") outside Ward 6, which is the Ward that encompasses Capitol Hill. If you agree that this plan makes little sense, you may be interested in attending a rally in Lincoln Park on Tuesday evening or contacting the Coucilmembers who serve on the redistricting subcommittee whose info is listed in the below announcement.

Join your friends and neighbors for the Rally to Keep Capitol Hill Together Tuesday, May 24, 2011. 5:45 p.m. — meet at Lincoln Park (plaza at 13th & East Capitol Sts. SE). Be ready to march to the Rally for Ward 6!

Contact DC Councilmembers on the Redistricting Subcommittee by Wed, May 25, 2011. Call or email the Councilmembers below to let them know your concerns:

• The schools, businesses, and community organizations on the Hill are tied together. Ward 7’s distinct neighborhoods have different priorities and interests.
• After all the work we have poured into improving schools (like Eastern High School), they will fall into the hands of a Councilmember who will struggle to represent them from across the river.
• Don’t let us become a community divided. If “contiguous” and “compact” are keywords to redistricting, Capitol Hill and Hill East fit the bill — keeping neighborhoods like ours intact should be a key part of the process.
Michael Brown (I-At-Large), Co-Chair. Phone: 202-724-8105 Email: mbrown@dccouncil.us

Co-Chair Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), Co-Chair, Phone: 202-724-8058 Email: jackevans@dccouncil.us
Phil Mendelson (D-At-Large) Phone: 202-724-8064 Email: pmendelson@dccouncil.us
If you have questions, contact Brian Flahaven, ANC 6B09 Commissioner, at brianf6b09@anc6b.org or 202-658-9447.
To learn more about the redistricting issue, visit DC Council’s redistricting website for additional information on the process: http://www.dccouncil.washington.dc.us/redistricting2011info. Keep Hill East united with the rest of Capitol Hill in Ward 6

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Anonymous said...

Hey folks! We have just gotten word that ABC, Fox, Examiner, WAMU will definitely be at the rally tonight. Possibly the Wash Post and we are on-line at WUSA!

Please make sure to come out and show your support for Rosedale to stay part of Ward 6. We need as many people as possible. Gathering begins at 5:45 at Lincoln Park (13th and North Carolina). See you there!