Only a few days left before redistricting becomes a reality

The rally to keep Ward Six together showed why this is such a great ward to live in. The passion, the enthusiasm, civic mindedness and the hopefulness was on full display.

More work needs to be done and we need to lean on Jack Evans and Phil Mendleson. "They will get over it" That is the notion some councilmembers have about our strong resistance to not being lumped with Ward 7.

Call them at 724-8058 (Jack Evans) and 724-8064 (Phil Mendleson)to let them know you will remember and believe there are better options.

The Rally started at Lincoln Park and residents marched along East Capitol St chanting "Ward 6 Works", and "One Hill One Vote."

 Lisa White representing Kingman Park was there to let others know that redistricting does impact neighborhoods (sometimes negatively) and why Kingman Park needs to be back in ward six.


Anonymous said...

This is all so patently ridiculous. Why are our elected officials enacting and enforcing laws that NOBODY wants enacted and enforced?

Citizens of Rosedale will remember the actions of the redistricting committee. This is outrageous!

MiCoBa said...

It is ridiculous and a shame. I understand having every ward around the same size for equal representation by a councilmember but when a community fights this hard to stay where it is and its ignored!? Wow. Seriously contact the redistricting councilmembers asap.