Orange Hat Patrol with MPD on March 24, 2011


“We Care”

Please join us on Thursday, March 24, 2011 from 7:00PM-8:00PM

Meeting Place - Playground at Oklahoma Ave & D Street NE

Volunteer just 1 hour of your time to show unity in the Community for the Orange Hat Patrol partnered with Metropolitan Police Department! We will organize to patrol our streets and neighborhood trouble spots to prevent suspicious activities, call in broken street lamps, and report many other problems.

It would be especially helpful to have dog owners who don't mind hitting the streets with their ferocious-looking (but otherwise well-behaved) pets to join the patrol.

For more information contact:

Kevin Stephens
Orange Hat Patrol Coordinator
(202) 341-9466


Lisa White
ANC Commissioner SMD 7D01
(202) 706-4713
Working to make a "Good" neighborhood "Great!


Anonymous said...

Can we have this further west? Like around 13th-15th street?

There have been loitering groups of young men causing problems in this area recently, and last night a woman was stabbed at 13th and Maryland. Not long ago a man was shot in Linden Court. The neighborhood needs to get together and visibly show that this isn't tolerated in our neighborhood!

MiCoBa said...

I'm pretty sure that the orange hat patrol was revived by the ANC commissioner for Kingman Park. So checking with the area commissioners may be the first step.

Ken said...

As suggested above, I would contact the listed commissioners below depending on the area(s) of concern.

here is the ANC6A map for reference - http://www.anc6a.org/map.html

6A05 Commissioner Sharee Lawler
202 714-8422

6A06 Commissioner Andrew Hysell
203 570-7560 202-812-3054

6A07 Commissioner Gladys Mack
240 432-3494