Rename Rosedale Recreation Center?

************* 2nd UPDATE *************

Below is the bio of Reginald "Kiyi" Ballard, the name being  presented for consideration for the Rosedale Recreation Center 

*************  1st UPDATE  *************

Below is an excerpt from the ANC6A December 2010 meeting minutes regarding the proposed name change.

Name of Rosedale Recreation Center

Motion: Ms. Mack moved/Ms. Beatty seconded a motion by Ms. Mack: As the re-elected ANC Commissioner of the Ward 6A07 Rosedale Community, I would like to make a motion that the current name of the Rosedale Community Center remain as it is. The current name has a rich historical and geographical significance to the neighbors of Rosedale. In addition, the name change is being advocated by people outside the Rosedale community, and without first notifying the ANC 6A07 Commissioner.

Parties who are interested in proposing a change in the name of the Rosedale Community Center must formally bring their intent before the ANC 6A07 Commissioner. The Single Member District ANC Commissioner of 6A 07 will be given sufficient time to allow the Rosedale Community to respond to the matter at hand. In answer to a question, Ms. Mack said she does not know the name they want to use. Ms. Beatty suggested that the ANC might want to send a letter of support just saying that the ANC should have input. Ms. Mack said she would accept that addition as a friendly amendment. The motion passed without objection.


There will be a meeting held on February 7, from 7:00-9:00pm (Monday) at Miner Elementary School, located at 601 15th Street NE to discuss the renaming of the Rosedale Recreation Center. Currently I do not have the name of the group who is sponsoring this Initiative. Please come out to give your opinions and testimony on the renaming of the Rosedale Recreation Center located site at 1700 Gales Street NE.

I will also be holding my (SMD) Single Member District community meeting soon to invite the Rosedale Community to discuss this renaming of the Rosedale Recreation Center and other Concern/Issues that are impacting our community.

Please stay tune for these updates!

Gladys Ann Mack/ANC 6A 07

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iamjoanneham said...

No disrespect to Reginald and his family but I read he grew up in NW...so if in fact they want to rename a recreation in his honor it should be where he grew up at...Both my kids went to Rosedale daycare and cheered for the Rosedale Tigers...my niece and nephew both also attended Rosedale Daycare... its always been and still considered Rosedale neighborhood...its a landmark....don't take that from us...the Rosedale recreation center is what united a lot of us together....