RCA December 2010 Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2010

Welcome & Agenda Review (5 min, Necothia)
·  Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

Word from ANC 6A07 & 6A08 & ANC7D01 Commissioner(s)
·  Commission Gladys Mack: Kelvin Robinson is running for DC At-Large Council Member

Special Guests

1.  Representatives from DPR & OPEFM with updates of the Rosedale Community Center & Library
·   David Janifer - DPR: Offered updates on the Rosedale Recreation Center & Library.
·  John Finnigan – OPEFM: Gave visual presentation of the design plan for the RRC&L and answered questions on design plan.

Q: What is the hold up on the project?

A: Permits & Street Closure Request- initially paperwork had been lost by the DCRA which has since been resubmitted and permits for the Foundation/Grading have been granted.

There are additional concerns with regard to the Street Closures. There are street architectural plans that have streets running through the current playing field, but have never existed. OPEFM & DPR have submitted request to Council Members to have an emergency act for the old DC Plan for streets that do not exist on the property of the current Rosedale Recreation Center closed. Also, DCRA will need to authorize a Building permit and until that is done, the building cannot be started without that permit.

Q: How can community help?

A: (via-DPR) Contact your Council Members/Congress

Q: What is the projected date of completion?

A: The project is slated for 13 months from date of permit signature.

Q: Did we loose any space on the design?

A. No, there have been operational redesigns but there have been no difference in square footage

Q: Is there a possibility for the pool to be enclosed?

A: (via-DPR) The current design of the RRC&L does not include enclosure of the pool. And at this point the project will be moving forward with current design.

Q: Would there be a possibility for outside contribution for the pool enclosure and if so, what is the estimated price to enclose the pool?

A: (via-DPR) If feasible within the construction phase of the project if the funds became available for the enclosure of the pool, there is a possibility depending on all approvals, permits, etc.

Q: Is there a possibility to have the design plans displayed on the property?

A: Yes, is it the practice of the Contracting Company to display the design plans at the site of construction?

Q: But, is there a possibility to have the plans displayed at the shutter site as well?

A: Yes.

Q: How much is currently budgeted for the RRC&L project?

A: $16 Million

Action items:
·  DPR will obtain estimates for the possibly pool enclosure
· (per the community) The community will write letters to our Council Member regarding the Street Closure and remaining pending permits.

2.  Andrea Sledd: GDCC- Updates of Micro Grant Applications & Community Volunteer Opportunities

GDCC held meeting on Nov 30th, which was very productive. From the meeting there were a few ideas that will need volunteers.

·  RCA Scholarship Program – Volunteers are needed to assist in fundraising ideas.
Community Volunteers: Necothia Bowens, Will Mohring,

·  Health Fair for Community: Volunteers are needed to help plan, coordinate.
Suggested date: To be determined, but possibly the Spring of 2011

·  Ideas: Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Breast Cancer Awareness/Men’s Health Care/SURF Certification
Community Volunteers: Patricia Thomson, Sandra Philips-Gilbert, Hannah Lewis, Commissioner Gladys Mack, Necothia Bowens (as needed)

·  SCORE Fridays: Literacy Program to assist in increasing reading comprehension (headed by Hannah Lewis).
Community Volunteers: Commissioner Gladys Mack

·  GDCC will be working with other DPR “Friends of” throughout the city to potentially host and coordinate a seminar of how the “Friends of” program works and how we can gain further insist on new program opportunities.

· No update was presented on the Micro Grant Applications.


· Approval of meeting minutes
· November Minutes will be posted for review on RCA Blog


· President/VP Report & Discussion (5 min, Necothia)
No reports

· Treasurer's Report & Discussion (5 min, Pat)
No Changes from previous report

· Transportation Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Ken)
No report given, members were deferred to RCA Blog for any updates

Q: 19th & C Street Neighbor: What is the C Street project and the 17th & 19th Conversion Project?

A: A few community residents gave interpretation of the project(s).

R: Ms Burns was referred to the RCA blog, CSTNE Project blog, DDOT and other websites that offer written documentation of the projects. Action item: Necothia will send links to the various websites to Ms Burns for review (done).

· Outreach Committee Report & Discussion (5 min, Brit & Necothia)
No report offered

· Garden Committee Report & Discussion (5min, Robert or Rebekah)
Rob & Rebekah: The KPRG has meet with the Principal of Thea Bowens Chartered School to coordinate and start plans for Student Community Garden. Plans will be forth coming.

· PSA 103 Report & Discussion (5 min, TBD)
No official report offered

Reminder and Request for community to attend the PSA103 Meetings, 2nd Wednesday Monthly, Miner Elementary 7:00pm

Also, per MDP1 listserv: Please be careful about Holiday Package deliveries. There has been an uptick up theft on package deliveries being left on porches.


· Updates on Neighborhood Support Group – Hannah Lewis
· Reminder of Meeting Time & Place – 2nd Saturday Monthly at the Pilgrim CME Church
· January 27th- 5:30pm Healing Hearts will be hosting a Community Dinner to feed the Children. Volunteers are welcomed & for more information please contact Hannah Lewis 202-361-9465
· Update HOOD Outreach – Coach Willie Smith, No updates or reports offered
· Update Rosedale Youth Institute – Coach John Cotton & Coach Clifton Sharp

1.  The Team is doing well this season. All the teams made it to the playoffs. There are approximately 250 children in the program
2.  RYI will be working closely with other Rosedale Sports and Athletic Programs in assisting them to obtain grants for various programs.


·  General Discussion (All, as time permits)
No new business
· Next RCA meeting - Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting adjourned: 8:45pm


Have a safe & wonderful holiday season!

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