KPR Community Garden & Thea Bowman Prep. Academy Gardening Partnership

 The partnership between Thea Bowman Preparatory Academy and the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden will work to provide students with a community-based outdoor learning experience. For too many Thea Bowman students and Kingman Park residents, crime, poor health and financial hardship have been a part of everyday life. This partnership will provide a “hands on” learning experience that will encourage hard work, pride in accomplishment, and the development of self-confidence.

The partnership will be modeled on the successful Charleston Area Children’s Garden Project. Through their experience, children in Charleston found that the process of growing edible foods gave them ownership and protection over their community, an awareness of what maintains good health, and a lesson about how all life is inter-dependent.

Our goal is to create a safe and beautiful space and to educate students about issues relating to childhood hunger, obesity and preventable disease. Instructionally, students will observe, inquire, experiment and collect data. Through gardening, students will experience wonder and engage in exploration of the natural world.

Just as exciting as the partnership, Thea Bowman Preparatory Academy and the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden, together, have been awarded applied for $2,500 grant from the Burpee Home Garden 2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Program to help establish and foster the program.  You can read the grant application HERE.  And, HERE is a letter from the Thea Bowman Preparatory Academy Board of Trustees supporting the partnership and grant application.

RCA would like to thank everyone involved in making this important and wonderful partnership and program possible.  The 2011 gardening season is sure to be more exciting and "fruitful" then last year!


Jared Finkelstein said...

This is a great partnership and will yield benefits well beyond the garden itself for years to come. The impact gardens make on kids and their families is significant. I have seen it first hand. My company, Teich Garden Systems, designs and installs raised bed garden systems at schools and other community organizations around the country.

Jared Finkelstein
Teich Garden Systems

Norm A. said...

You are right I should have checked my spelling , I was so upset that I failed to do so . I restate for those of you who do not Mr. Walton he represents a great part of the history of D.C. . For the outsiders , Mr. Walton was the first Black page in the highest court in the nation. I still would like to ensure that no one is using their position on the hill to puh their on plans . I still call for all to fight this insult and thugery . Mr. Walton is too kind to engage this fight as it should be engaged but there are som that will talk the truth and put our money where it needs to be to win this fight. We need to help the home owners who need help keeping their homes and providing for decent development

Anonymous said...

Norm A "AKA" Frazer Walton,
Please understand that diversity is happening all around the world! Kingman Park is not the exception!
No one is trying taking away the good that has taken place in the community. If you would just see others points of view, you will realize that change can be great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Norm,
Next time check spelling and grammar as well! You are making yourself look dumb! Oh, calm down with those rants about the Kingman Park......I do not want you to have a heart attack! It is not that serious! Can`t we all just get along!!

Ken said...

RCA would like to remind commenters to please keep dialogue within the realm of constructive criticism and refrain from personal attacks on character, etc.

In order for neighbors to engage each other and work toward positive common community goals, we must always treat each other with respect and dignity. We are all stewards of our neighborhood, Rosedale and Kingman Park alike.

It is time we openly discuss our perceived differences, be honest with each other, find our commonality and direct our energies towards enhancing and advancing our community.

Let 2011 be the year we recognize our strength and unify to form a community stewardship where we all, side by side, positively promote and advocate for the betterment of the Rosedale and Kingman Park neighborhoods.

Have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season!

Ken G.

Anonymous said...

Great message! I say cheers to that! Happy Holiday to everyone!
Peace & Blessings,
Lisa White
ANC Commissioner Elect 7D01