Rosedale Community Center & Library Construction Permits Ready!


On his website, Councilmember Tommy Wells also has an update on the Rosedale Community Center.


Below is a reassuring update from CM Wells' Chief of Staff Charles Allen on the progress for releasing the Rosedale Community and Library Center construction permits.  It appears it was all done during the Thanksgiving Holiday week, which shows real commitment from CM Wells, Chairman Grey, the Mayor's Office, DDOT, DPR and the Surveyor's Office.  RCA would like to thank everyone involved and their dedication to the Rosedale and surrounding communities, this project is too important for everyone not to ensure timely success.


I’ve got some good news to share for the Rosedale Community Center. After working with DDOT last week on the street closure and permit issues, I was informed over the weekend that DDOT signed off on the construction permits and they are ready for pick-up by DPR (if they haven’t been already). This will give DPR, OPEFM and their construction teams the permits they need.

The Surveyor’s Office (through the Office of the Mayor) will still submit the public alley and street closure resolution to Council in the next few weeks, but we’ve been able to eliminate this as a hurdle that was preventing the permits from being signed and the project moving forward.

Also, please know that Chairman Gray and his staff were very helpful working with us and DDOT to resolve the problems. Thanks to everyone for their help.

Charles Allen
Chief of Staff, Councilmember Tommy Wells

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